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5 Ways to Reduce How Much You Would Have to Pay For Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those jobs that many people don’t want to fuss about but is vitally important. It not only protects your loved ones should anything happen, but it also means you can have peace of mind. Although you don’t want a cheap life insurance policy, you do want to find the best deal for the cover you want. Here are five ways to reduce how much you would have to pay on life insurance.

1. Get The Right Cover That You Need

Finding the right level of life insurance cover is important. You don’t want to get cover that won’t cover all the costs your family will face, but you also don’t want to pay too much for cover you don’t need.

Work out how much you need to secure the future for your loved ones, then take the cover out that matches that amount.

2. Employee Life Insurance

Many employers offer group life insurance policies to their employees. These policies will offer you cover against injury or death in service while at work.

These can be a good way to get life insurance for your family, plus, you can also pay for an additional policy if the employer policy doesn’t cover all of your needs.

3. Choose the Right Policy For Your Needs

The type of policy you get will impact how much you pay. There are a couple of different options that can help you decide.

  • Whole of Life Insurance

This type of cover is expensive, but it also offers the most cover. It guarantees to pay out at some point and will be available to your loved ones when that time comes.

  • Term Insurance

This type of cover is cheaper than whole of life insurance. It will cover you for the length of the policy, but not your whole life. If you want to have life cover while paying off your mortgage, then this is the best option. When the mortgage is paid off, the cover ceases.

4. Choose a Policy with Guaranteed Premiums

There are two types of premiums that you can pay with your life insurance, reviewable, or guaranteed.

Reviewable premiums are variable and can either get cheaper or more expensive when factors such as health and age are taken into consideration.

Guaranteed premiums are fixed along the entire length of the policy. Although these may be more expensive at first, they can save you money in the long term.

5. Joint Cover

A joint life insurance policy has its pros and cons, but can save you money in the long term. However, the policy will only pay out once, so this should be taken into consideration.

Things to Consider

It is important when you are looking for life insurance that you explore all of the options. You need to assess your needs and choose the right cover accordingly. If you are getting life insurance from your employer, then that will detail what the policy covers.

With these five suggestions to hand, you will be able to make a more informed decision on your life insurance, ensuring that you never pay more than what you need.

What is the best thing I can do to help homeless people?

There’s never a good time to be homeless but the wind, rain and freezing cold of winter are more likely to increase awareness of people living on the streets.

It’s a subject that is featured more in the news as temperatures plummet and everyone’s planning to eat, drink and be merry over the festive season.

Of course, homelessness can be dangerous to health and wellbeing at any time of the year.

The immediate response we have when we see someone bedding down on the streets is to give them some money, but that’s not the only way you can help.

There are also other ways to make a homeless person feel better. Some won’t even cost you anything and may even be more sustainable.

Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • Stop and talk

Making eye contact and having a chat can be a simple thing to do but it may make a homeless person feel more connected and human. By stopping and talking you can show you care.

  • Alert StreetLink

If you see someone over the age of 18 sleeping rough and want to make sure they are OK, you can contact StreetLink by visiting streetlink.org.uk, via the mobile app (available for Apple and Android devices), or by calling 0300 500 0914.

Once StreetLink receives details about the person, they’ll inform the local authority or outreach service for the area. They will then contact the person sleeping rough and give them access to support.

  • Donate clothing or personal hygiene items

Shelters always need donations of clothing such as clean socks, underwear, and personal toiletry items. Why not ramp up your efforts using social media to tell friends what you’re doing and volunteer to bring over any items that others may want to donate?

  • Become a fundraiser

Fundraising for a chosen homeless charity is one way to ensure their work continues. GoFundMe, Just Giving and other online sites can help you maximise your fundraising and help to create awareness of their work. Some charities, such as Centrepoint which provides support specifically for young homeless people, are looking for long-term solutions and are forging relationships with influential people as part of their Growth Board initiative in a bid to end youth homelessness by 2037. Fundraising is key to its strategy for building affordable housing that will help take young people off the streets for good.

  • Volunteer to help

Most homeless shelters or charities will welcome volunteers. It may be that you have a special skill that can make a difference. Charities are always looking for regular volunteers who can use their skills to help the homeless. For example, fundraising, teaching, computer skills, cooking, driving, advice sessions and more.

  • Donate to a homeless charity

Donating, however small, will help charities fund emergency accommodation and provide other services that can lead to long term solutions. Centrepoint, for example, uses donations to support homeless young people by getting them off the streets, back into education, or into an apprenticeship and any treatment they need for health and welfare.

  • Prevent people from becoming homeless

Do you know someone who is at risk of homelessness due to the threat of eviction by landlords or because of relationship breakdown? There are organisations out there that can help. Urge them to contact the likes of Shelter, Centrepoint, and Citizen’s Advice or google ‘homelessness’ on your local council’s website.

  • Help canine friends

Often a homeless person’s closest companion is their dog. You can alleviate their anxiety around caring for their canine friend by donating food and also by putting the them in touch with the Dog’s Trust which runs the Hope Project – an initiative providing free and subsidised veterinary treatment to dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis.

  • Pay it forward

Thrusting a sandwich and a drink into the hands of a homeless person can be perceived as patronising, so if you want to buy someone something to eat why not pay it forward? Give money to a local café, and then a homeless person can go along and choose food and drink that you’ve paid for in advance.

  1. Learn about homelessness

Dispel any stereotypes you may have and make contact with homeless people in your community. They are people just like you and by learning more about homelessness you may be able to help them find a way out of their situation.

Freezing temperatures could see EV motorists lose more than 30 miles of range this winter

Freezing weather and increased cabin heating could see some of the UK’s most popular EV models lose more than 30 miles of range this winter.

The data from Macklin Motors finds that a cold snap could cause an EV to lose up to nine per cent of its range overnight, due to the intense energy usage required to power through the freeze.

Most popular EV modelsRange (miles) beforeMiles of range lostRange (miles) afterTotal miles lost
Freezing weatherCabin heating
Tesla Model 3360-32.4-5.40322.2037.80
Polestar 2335-30.15-5.03299.8335.18
Volkswagen ID. 3263-23.67-3.95235.3927.62
Mercedes-Benz EQA263-23.67-3.95235.3927.62
Nissan Leaf239-21.51-3.59213.9125.10
Peugeot e-208217-19.53-3.26194.2222.79
Hyundai IONIQ Electric193-17.37-2.90172.7420.27
MG ZS EV163-14.67-2.45145.8917.12
MINI Electric145-13.05-2.18129.7815.23
Honda e137-12.33-2.06122.6214.39

Cabin heating is another major issue for EV motorists, with 1.5 per cent of range being lost this way.

Together, the effects of freezing overnight weather and in-vehicle heating could incur more than 30 miles of lost range – and that’s all before it leaves the driveway.

Of the 10 most popular EV cars, the data from Vertu Motors finds the Tesla Model 3 loses the most range (37.8 miles) due to cold weather and cabin heating. That’s the equivalent of a one-way trip from Manchester to Liverpool.

Although Tesla’s Model 3 greatest range losses are to be expected, considering it also has the greatest amount of range to begin with.

The Honda e, on the other hand, has just 122.62 miles left on it after sitting in freezing weather overnight and being heated up (just enough to get it from London to Leicester one-way).

Other areas that energy losses can easily occur in an EV include using old or worn tyres, accelerating frequently, charging the battery, and parking up.

EV’s biggest lossesCausePercentage lost
#2Old tyres-20%
#4Freezing weather-9%
#5Cabin heating-1.5%
Total energy loss-68%

While charging the battery and parking up are unavoidable, there are still ways to mitigate the losses on an EV’s range.

For instance, rapid charging points can come in handy when out and about, although they can be expensive.

“Alternatively, try to charge your battery overnight at home”, a Vertu Motors spokesperson suggests. “Energy company tariffs electricity rates are usually lowest at this time.”

You could also save precious miles by parking in a garage (at home) or a multi-storey car park (when you’re out). “These indoor areas typically have a more stable ambient temperature than road parking, for instance, which helps to prevent energy loss.”

But the most crucial – and perhaps the simplest – top tip? Aim to have your EV charged at around 50-80% when parked.

“Lithium-ion batteries (the battery pack used in most modern EVs) lose energy when they are charged 100% and parked up. Leaving 100% charged batteries for long stretches of time could even cause long-term battery damage.”

For further insights and advice from Macklin Motors, visit Vertu Motors.

Why should you choose Curtain Tracks?

Curtains and Curtain Tracks are the perfect choice when you want a spotlighted fabric. The curtain rods are made of plastic or metal, and the cloth is attached to the rail with hooks. The tracks are fixed horizontally to the wall or ceiling using brackets, and the curtain slides smoothly over the plastic sheet. When closed, most of the curtain tracks are hidden behind plugs for an inconspicuous finish. This makes the curtain tracks ideal for a more minimalist look and windows with limited space between the top and the ceiling.

Curtain track: A good choice for a Bay Window?

Curtain tracks are great for bay, bow, and box windows because they are highly flexible, easily bending around curves and tight corners to provide a clean finish that matches the contour of your window. Curtains are fastened to the track with gliding hooks. The trail can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall, depending on the space available and personal preferences.

Are you looking for quality metal Curtain tracks with sleek designs, then click here.

Choosing the Right Curtain Tracks

Choose the proper track weight for your curtains — a lightweight track is best for unlined and shorter-length curtains. Curtains that are lined and extensive in length will require a heavier-duty track. Choose whether you want a corded or an uncorded track. Corded tracks make it simple to pull your curtains closed and are an excellent alternative for windows that are tough to reach.

Brackets and gliders are included in most kits (which allow the curtains to move along the track). If you’re buying parts individually, make sure you have enough for the track length and specific weight.

Curtain Tracks: Smooth Operational Choice

A curtain track’s functioning allows for a seamless, typically silent, and painless operation. They’re also adaptable to most curtain headings, except eyelet curtains, making them a versatile option. The wave curtain heading is only available on curtain tracks that use specially constructed wave gliders to achieve the necessary wave effect. Wave curtains are becoming increasingly fashionable, and they’re perfect for spaces with expansive windows, bi-fold, or sliding doors. The wave heading has the advantage of providing a beautiful, narrow stack back. This allows light to pour into a room, highlighting the glazing.

Are you still confused?

Home decor is tricky, and sometimes you get confused about the right choice. Don’t let your dilemma compromise on home decor as home depicts your personality aura of warmth and love.

In most circumstances, curtain poles or tracks will work with your windows, and the choice is typically a matter of personal preference.

We at Direct Fabrics offer a range of curtain tracks and rails in a variety of designs.

Our services:

  • Contract Quality Curtain Tracks – Delivered Quickly. Cord Operated and Hand Drawn
  • Made to Measure Heavy-Duty Curtain Tracks
  • British Supplier, Quick Delivery.
  • The friendly team is here to help and discuss your needs

The team of Direct Fabrics is always ready to cater to customers’ needs.

Electric Van Rental for Business


Van rental is the rental of a commercial vehicle to a company or individual for an agreed amount. When you start a van rental business it means that you are stepping into a dynamic industry where your success depends on the number of cars you have and their use. Car rentals contribute to a highly profitable market. Therefore, choosing the right niche, caring for your van, and spending time marketing can help your business grow and grow

Electric Van

EV is an abbreviation for electric vehicle. An electric vehicle is a partially or completely electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are extremely environmentally friendly as they have fewer moving parts for maintenance, lower running costs, and use little or no fossil fuels.

 A typical van has a loading range of about 110 miles on a single charge. In the real world, this is often reduced by factors such as cold weather and air conditioner operation, which reduces battery efficiency. The running price of these vehicles are very low due to the much fewer moving slice. Popular vehicle are the Nissan env200 and the Renault Master Zero Emission, both of which have the same loading capacity as gasoline and diesel vans.

Most vehicle batteries typically last for five years with damage. A new set of batteries after this time should give the van a new life. Often, these vehicles have much larger loads due to the small number of moving parts.

There are three ways to charge an electric wheel.

  • Home charging 

Three prong sockets are used in home charging. If you put an expert out of the socket, it can work faster, but it should not amount more than a few hundred pounds.

  • Workplace charging 

It depends on your workforce and how much charging you need.

  • Out and about charging

Van Charger Classifications

  • Fast Charger 43KW 3×62 Amps
  • Wall Box 22KW 3×32 Amps
  • 7.4KW32 Amps
  • 3.7KW 16 Amps
  • Green Socket 3.2KW 14 Amps
  • Household Sockets 2.3KW 10 Amps

Electric Van finance lease

Why use it for whom? The Electric Van Finance Leasing is outcome that doesn’t really exist, but many have it. Deposits from one prepayment up to 50% of the automobile price will be deposited. The payment will then be made for up to 7 years, with or without a final payment. Advance are usually provided by banks, not car finance agencies. At the end of the loan period, the vehicle must be sold to a third party. VAT is paid monthly and refunded quarterly. It is one of the well kind of finance and is really suitable for almost all forms of business.

Underwriting Electric Van Leasing is very low interest rate and personal. This is certainly the driving force of the budget. Bank Finance Lease is very low cost compared to customary contract leasing companies. Once you have a finance lease van, you can buy other tax goods through the bank’s finance company. VAT is paid with a beginning deposit, management fee, monthly payment and final payment, if applicable. This product is generally not suitable for customers with a VAT flat-rate parts replacement PX. There is negative equity at the beginning of the contract, which later equals. Sell vans, pay balances and leave

Electric Van pre-registration

 If you really want to make the cheapest deal, some vehicles are pre-registered. If this is sufficient, a V5 copy is always available. Pre-registration often saves thousands of dollars, but we understand that some companies pay more and prefer to use V5 for parking


This business is ideal for anyone with a real interest in automobiles and driving experience


As we start to look to 2022 the uncertainty, apprehension and fear in the business world continues. One thing David Johnstone from LEOcrowdfunding is certain about is that 2022 will be the year when equity property crowdfunding will not only grow as a market sector, but will become firmly established as an attractive option for alternative property funding for property developers. We are living in the middle of a paradigm shift, when the business clock goes back to zero, rule books are ripped up and thrown in the bin and new opportunities arise. David says he has never been so pleased to be CEO of an equity crowdfunding platform explains why so in 3 reasons.

Most property projects require equity

Firstly and somewhat stating the obvious, the vast majority of property projects in the UK require equity.  While usually underpinned by senior debt from a bank, bridging company or even a P2P crowdfunding platform, the capital stack nearly always has a need of equity. With the ‘build build build’ policy from the Prime minister and new funds being made available as announced in the budget there remains a focus to increase UK housing.  Traditionally, providing the fundamentals of the development pass basic scrutiny, sourcing senior debt is not that difficult. That is a competitive market place and there is plenty of funds available for developers to access.  The challenge is often the equity slice. If the fundraiser does not have the funds themselves, where do they find it? Regulation and compliance issues make the sources of equity even more difficult. I am not aware of any lenders who offer 100% of the total costs of a property project so without equity deals simply cannot be done. A great place to source that equity needed is on equity crowdfunding platforms, where a large group of property investors are in one place looking for deals to invest in. Once fundraisers pass the due diligence threshold they can promote their projects and pitch for the equity they need. 

Online business relationships

Secondly, whether we like or not there is an unmistakable and potentially long-term pivot to online business.  I am not just referring to the obvious lockdown restrictions limiting face to face contact but how the last 9 months have ushered in a new way of doing business. Do not get me wrong, as humans we will always want company and face to face contact but does anyone really believe we are going back to packed hotel events, bunged restaurants and crammed offices any time soon? I do not think so! I have a member of staff who joined LEOcrowdfunding 14 months ago and I have never met them in the flesh! We have spent literally weeks’ worth of time on zoom, built a productive working relationship but all virtually.  Is this the new normal?  There will certainly be a definite impact on fundraisers meeting potential investors and investors being able to visit potential investment sites so alternatives must be found. I believe 2022 more than ever before will see business relationships between developers and investors flourish and grow without people ever meeting in person.  This has time benefits as well as eliminating geography as a major factor. An equity crowdfunding platform allows such relationships to result in significant property projects to be funded.

Technology gives investors access to information

Thirdly, technology allows investors to access the info they need online in the comfort of their own home. Google maps, Rightmove, land registry, online networking events and zoom all combine to offer investors incredible tools. So as fundraisers and property investors spend more time at home, become more active online and take advantage of these tools funds will continue to be raised or invested. If you are an investor looking for good deals or you are a fundraiser looking for equity for a deal then equity crowdfunding is where you need to look.  From the comfort of their own home property investors can have vetted and financially approved deals brought to them, they can meet the fundraisers via webinars, watch live virtual site visits and engage with the fundraiser and other investors on a closed forum, all through their crowdfunding platform. Fundraisers can access a pre qualified and motivated investor base who are actively looking to invest in property. All of the above factors merge on an equity property crowdfunding platform.

As more and more fundraisers and investors understand the significant benefits of equity property crowdfunding then more and more will use it to achieve their property goals. How we do almost everything has changed in the last 9 months and within the world of property we may never go back to what we thought ‘normal’.  Whatever changes come in 2022 I believe property crowdfunding will grow as a market sector.

Opatra London Advanced Skincare Technologies: Introducing the Glow Mask Pro

Opatra London advanced skincare technologies have been innovating the beauty industry since 2010, leveraging scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements to develop effective skincare devices and potent skincare products.

The Opatra Glow leverages groundbreaking light therapy technology to help lift, plump, strengthen and brighten the skin. This spectrum rejuvenation mask provides three skincare options:

  1. Red LED light therapy to promote elastin and collagen production, slowing the aging process, calming redness, encouraging healing and evening skin tone
  2. Orange LED light therapy to help revitalise the skin, bringing vitality to dull complexions
  3. Blue LED light therapy, which is well-known for its antibacterial benefits, eliminating acne-producing bacteria on the skin, improving hormonal or inflammatory acne, and targeting active acne

The Opatra Glow Mask Pro is a fully portable device suitable for any lifestyle or face shape, providing clients with complete freedom of movement for the duration of their ten-minute light therapy treatment.

Benefits of the Opatra Glow include:

  • Enhanced circulation
  • Boosted collagen regeneration
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Targets dermatitis and acne
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Minimises large pores and eliminates blemishes
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Painless and comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Transparent design
  • Complete freedom of movement during use

Opatra London is an internationally acclaimed British brand garnering industrywide recognition for its client-orientated approach, redefining antiquated beauty standards to help its clients achieve consistent outcomes irrespective of their skin type.

Opatra London pioneers simple-to-operate devices and skincare formulations, helping all skin types to look younger, brighter, firmer and more beautiful. The company develops, designs and sources a full spectrum of groundbreaking skincare solutions for both at-home and salon use.

Other bestsellers developed by Opatra London include Cleanlift, a revolutionary skincare device that won the Pure Beauty Awards London 2020 Gold Award. Specially developed to clean, firm and detoxify the skin, Cleanlift enables users to enjoy healthier, brighter, younger-looking skin by removing dirt, impurities, whiteheads and blackheads, enabling moisturisers and serums to penetrate the skin more deeply for better results.

The Opatra Synergy Marble is a revolutionary handheld skincare device designed to accelerate surface cell regeneration, stimulating the production of collagen to turbo-boost self-care routines. Proven to purify congested and dull skin, the Synergy Marble diminishes the appearance of large pores and fine lines, leaving the skin with improved elasticity and suppleness and a plumped, dewy appearance.

Opatra London’s Caviar Eye Cream is another bestseller, reawakening eyes with a burst of nutrient-rich hydration to quench dehydrated skin; plumping and minimising the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; instantly renewing radiance; and keeping skin around the delicate eye area nourished.

Opatra London advanced skincare technologies are used by professionals in aesthetics clinics, beauty salons and spas all over the world today and are available to both the consumer and professional market. The company’s product lines include skincare formulations, professional facial and body equipment and accessories, and, of course, Opatra’s revolutionary handheld anti-aging devices.

Want to Rank Higher in SERP? 3 Crucial Criteria for Your VPS

Seeking a higher position in SERP? International hosting service provider Time4VPS notes – start with a powerful VPS. Experienced hosts say that only by having a solid technical base can you climb up to the top. Get to know how virtual space resources and safety can affect your SEO and what perks you should look for in your hosting plan package.

Enterprise-Class Hardware

Have you ever seen a questionable quality page ranking in TOP positions? Most likely not, and there is a reason behind it. Pages that rank high are recognised as safe and assessable. And that’s on the solid technical base rather than smart SEO tricks. Whether you’re after Linux or Windows VPS hosting UK, keep in mind – the core is hardware.

Time4VPS claims that investing in top-of-the-line hardware resulted in 99,98% of the uptime. In their case, it’s HP ProLiant Gen10 servers powered by multi-core processors and a dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.

Resources On-Demand

What do scalable resources have to do with your rankings in SERP? Simply put, lack of it ends up in slow loading times and errors. Naturally, as the website grows, you’ll need more resources that are invaluable at allowing your website to respond rapidly. Therefore, you want to have a flexible virtual environment that could be upscaled at any time, with no downtime.

It might seem like an obvious one to mention but inform your hosts in advance if you expect your website to attract more traffic than usual. Yes, even when it’s for a short period. A flexible plan makes it easy not only to upscale but also downscale when needed.

Ultimate safety

Before committing to any provider, deepen into their servers’ security warranties. Virtual and physical. Ultimate security is a key to ensuring you won’t experience downtime because of random malware. By the way, if the latter compromises your customers’ data, your problems wouldn’t be limited to technical issues.

SERP praises trustworthy quality websites. So, both – the downtime and reputation crisis – will affect your SEO rankings after all. Therefore, opt for a provider who hosts your data on RAID enabled storage array. If one goes down, the others pick up.

It’s wise to look for hosts who own TIER III certified data center. Time4VPS says that certification obliges the company to keep up to the highest virtual and physical security standards.

In the current landscape, where competition is vast, investing in a high-quality VPS is an unquestionable step. That must be a part of any SEO strategy. Good news– today, you can craft a perfect virtual space for affordable pricing!

Has Sports Broadcasting and Consumption Changed Forever?

When the first national lockdown was announced back in March 2020, it came with the news that we’d no longer be able to attend sporting events live.

Most people weren’t able to attend any live sporting events for over a year. As a result, live sports became more accessible to view at home. The pandemic also changed the way these broadcasts were delivered, with remote commentary teams and social distancing in place.

Now that most lockdown restrictions have eased, are we still utilising the technologies and systems that allowed the continuation of sports broadcasting?

Sports commentary goes remote

During the March 2020 national lockdown, most broadcast sports were completely cancelled. Then, as many resumed via enterprise video streaming but without live audiences, we saw many social distancing measures in place. Presenters were six feet apart, and in many cases, separated by glass partitions. Some broadcasters, though, weren’t even in the venue.

For coverage of major sporting events, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the French and US Opens, and the Tour De France, Eurosport used a low-latency solution that allowed commentators to narrate the events remotely. BT Sport also used remote commentators when its Bundesliga coverage resumed in May 2020.

This presented significant challenges, especially around delays to commentary and delivering multiple commentary streams to different audiences over one live video stream. The latency, or measure of delay between the video capture, playback, and commentator receiving it at home, needed to be below 250ms to avoid a delay to viewers. Eurosport deemed its use of the technology during COVID lockdowns a success and now uses it regularly even with restrictions eased in many countries of broadcast.

The appetite for streaming and broadcasting grows

The Premier League 2020-21 season began with no supporters inside stadiums, and it stayed that way for most of the season save for some fans of a few lucky clubs during a brief winter window. As a result, the Premier League struck a deal with Sky Sports, BT Sports, and Amazon Prime to broadcast every match that season live.

Now that supporters are once again able to attend matches, we’ve reverted back to a model of a small number of games being selected for live broadcast at set times. But for many, the temporary removal of the 3pm blackout that prevented standard matches from being broadcast was welcomed. While live supporters are the lifeblood of the sport, this opened it up to many who can’t be there in person.

This issue was compounded during the saga of the breakaway European Super League, which was widely condemned and eventually fell through. It was discovered that traditional match-going supporters were allegedly deemed “legacy fans” by the clubs involved, with attracting TV viewers and supporters in other countries deemed the priority.

Many now argue that, while live supporters are of utmost importance to football clubs and other sports, those who can’t attend matches should also be catered for. What’s more, an end to the 3pm blackout hasn’t been ruled out. We’ve tasted the sweet honey of being able to watch each of our team’s matches, and now we want more.

Watch together when miles apart

For millions of sports fans, one of the most missed elements of attending live events was watching it with their friends and family. At various points between March 2020 and July 2021, people couldn’t even gather in pubs or each other’s homes to share the experience.

A number of broadcasters, including Eleven Sports and Sky Sports, offered viewers the opportunity to virtually watch matches and events together. Sky Sports’ Fanzone allowed six households to convene virtually on a second screen – whether that was their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops – and watch football matches together in real time. The service also offered trivia questions related to the live match for a fun, interactive experience.

Eleven Sports’ Watch Together feature operates in a similar way, with up to four households able to connect at once. As well as private rooms with friends and family, viewers also had the opportunity to join ‘open rooms’, which allowed them to meet new people virtually and connect with other fans.

This again offers a great opportunity for live experiences to be replicated for people who can’t be close to friends and family or who are unable to attend live events.

Sports broadcasters were forced to make changes as a result of multiple COVID-19 lockdowns. Not only were live attendees prohibited for 18 months in many sports, but commentators, pundits, and live-stream editors were also remote in many instances. And, while many sports in multiple European countries can once again be played in front of a crowd, we’re seeing shifting demands from fans as a result of live offerings during COVID. Will they eventually be met in the long term?








Why Improved Digital Solutions Sit at the Heart of a Successful Office

The pandemic has changed a lot for businesses, whether that’s their customers’ buying behaviour or product demands.

One of the biggest challenges for many businesses was the shift to home working. In March 2020, companies who hadn’t already implemented dedicated digital solutions scrabbled to adapt. Digital transformation was accelerated – McKinsey found that businesses sped up their digitisation by three to four years.

Digital solutions will be key to our business success in the office and beyond. Here, we cover some of the key ways you can use digital solutions to drive your business forwards.

Hybrid communication is key

2020 was the year of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Whether we implemented them into the workplace for remote collaboration or we joined a Zoom quiz, video calls epitomised our year. Now that the work-from-home order has been lifted, it may be less essential to some businesses, but it’s still an invaluable tool.

The many businesses that have embraced flexible working will see the value in continuing to utilise these tools. There’s no better way to mimic in-person sessions than via a video call, and we know that this can keep remote employees engaged.

Our sporadic inability to travel for work over the past 18 months has made many of us re-evaluate how necessary it is. If your North East-based business has clients in London that you used to visit, save precious resources by hosting online meetings. Reserve those trips across the country for critical reviews instead.

Drive performance with visibility

For employees coming into the office, there are ways you can use digital solutions to maximise performance. Displaying your company objectives on digital signage screens will help to motivate your staff. This works especially well if you have a large in-office sales or customer service teams who work to defined KPIs.

It also gives them an understanding of how their work contributes to the business’ overall goals. What’s more, when employee and business goals are shared with more senior staff members, people are more likely to achieve them. Sharing real-time data on screens around the office will keep your employees committed to meeting their KPIs and the company’s overall goals.

Blend business and pleasure

The true value of digital solutions during the pandemic was seen in how they enabled us to remain connected. The ability to chat via Microsoft Teams, for example, allowed us to feel close to our colleagues even as we were separated.

Injecting some fun into your solutions is a great way to keep your hybrid workforce engaged too. Whether that’s setting up a fun chat on Microsoft Teams where you host midday quizzes or sharing employees’ personal news on a dedicated intranet site, you can foster a great culture wherever your employees are.

Keep systems up to date for productivity gains

As well as implementing new digital solutions, chances are that your business has also updated its core systems in the past year. If not, perhaps it’s time to do so. A survey by Dell found out exactly how impactful good and bad technology is on your employees, and the results are stark.

Not only can employees achieve 37% more in a workday when the technology they rely on works well, but for every hour worked, they can save a huge 23 minutes. That equates to 15 hours in a 40-hour working week, highlighting how essential functional technology is to your workforce.

Outdated systems and hardware can hold up your employees, not only impacting their productivity but also their stress levels. The same study found that bad technology can double employee stress levels – with it being 30% more stressful than public singing. That says something!

The pandemic and subsequent work from home order accelerated business technology adoption in a way we’ve never seen before. This has been a silver lining of the past 18 months as businesses have implemented digital solutions. Whether your office is active once again or you’ve adopted a hybrid working model, these are the key areas where you can improve performance in your business through digital solutions.





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