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Why Is My VPN Connected But No Internet Access On Windows 10?


You all have to be face many types of problems while connected with a VPN. It is the most common issue that VPN connected but no internet access on Windows 10. But how you can resolve this problem. This is a big issue that arises and affects your online activities. But what happened if the internet gets disconnect when connecting with Virtual Private Network software.

What issue do you face when VPN connected but the internet not working Windows 10?

Many times it happens that the internet does not work when VPN connected to Windows 10. So, if the internet does not work then you have to do online activities without a VPN. In this case, there is a chance of leakage of online activities or browsing information. It is because users are unable to get the VPN service when they are browsing or sending some files through the internet.

Which VPN software is good when connected with the internet on Windows 10?

Choose an order for the best VPN software to get privacy at a minimum price.

IPVanish VPN –  IPVanish Virtual Private Network(VPN) app is popular and users are satisfied with its privacy policy. It does not keep Logs or and has a Kill Switch feature to keep an extra layer of protection on online activities. Don’t miss the chance to grab amazing and also use IPVanish VPN Discount. This is the exclusive deals that are offered by the VPN service-providing company.

VyprVPN – VyprVPN also provides amazing online security features and has zero logs. Now secure information and encrypts details which are transmitted through the internet. VyprVPN offers exclusive deals on saving money on the Special Days. It provides VyprVPN Coupon to satisfied customers by providing privacy online activities within budget.

Will I lose internet when connected to VPN Windows 10?

Now you can understand why at the a VPN connection but no access of internet access on windows 10.

  • It happens because some settings are enabled in the VPN or Windows while setting of the VPN software. Use default gateway on remote work which gets enabled by default.
  • Users can also face internet access problems when connected to a VPN on Windows 10. It is because some VPNs are not made for Windows 10.

Before purchasing the subscription of the Virtual Private Network app, make sure it is suitable for Windows 10. Order the best quality software which can secure your multiple devices with a single account.

How do I Fix VPN on Windows 10?

  1. First, restart the VPN or Internet on Windows 10 device or on any other device
  2. Change the Servers because some Servers do not work
  3. Reinstall the VPN software on Windows 10
  4. Contact and take the help from Virtual Private Network service provider company
  5. Make some settings in VPN software, if necessary
  6. Check whether the browser or VPN is updated or not

These are the basic solutions that you can do when VPN connected but no internet access on Windows 10. Use this trick if your internet is not working when it is connected to VPN.

Why VPN is necessary when connected with the Internet?

VPN protects all information and activities which are working through the internet connection. It secures the traffic and Emails which are transmitted while working with the internet. VPN provides a strong Encryption facility, it is helpful to encode and protects your information from prying eyes.You can also browse the geo-restricted content and even stream privately. VPN software also offers access to restricted sites to enjoy browsing.

VPN play both roles of Privacy as well as access to restricted sites and contenst any time at anywhere. You can get facilities within your budget. Buy the VPN software after analyzing the features and schemes of the companies.

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